Bouldering / Dye / Karlstad / Sweden / Travel Abroad

Bouldering in Dye, Värmland, Sweden

Between semesters, David and I took a trip to Sweden to visit his family–and my family was able to come along, too. So we spent most of the time touring the area, hanging out with David’s extended family and their friends, and eating great Swedish food. However, we were also able to get outside and boulder at Dye two times. Here are some photos of those trips!

AIMG_3028 - Copy AIMG_3029 AIMG_3030 AIMG_3032 AIMG_3037 DSC_3667 DSC_3673 DSC_3678 DSC_3679 DSC_3682 DSC_3687 DSC_3693 DSC_3695 DSC_3696 DSC_3697 DSC_3698 DSC_3699 DSC_3700 DSC_3702 DSC_3703 DSC_3704 DSC_3705 DSC_3706 DSC_3707 DSC_3708 DSC_3709 DSC_3710 DSC_3711 DSC_3712

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