Pipestone Pass Bouldering: Take II
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Pipestone Pass Bouldering: Take II

Following are some photos from the Druthers Area at Pipestone Pass, Montana. This weekend, we estimate there were approximately 10 first ascents done, many of which were easy, but techy ‘n’ awesome–and a few of which were harder! (Photos of other/ non-Druthers climbs with Sarah, Jeff, Joe and Dervin to come soon…) /Christine Morning preparations … Continue reading

October Sport Climbing/ Sport Watching
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October Sport Climbing/ Sport Watching

In terms of normal-livin’, the weather here in Ten Sleep has been A-OK the last few weeks. It’s been cloudy with daytime highs from 30-50 degrees F here in town/ the valley. However, if you’re gonna try to sport climb (and if you’re a wuss like I am), this isn’t gonna cut it! Thought it’s … Continue reading

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A Day in Bishop and a “Vacay” in Vegas (via DEATH Valley)

Even though I’ve had no real skin issues in Bishop, David has had nonstop problems. Since David’s efforts not to bleed (from fingertips) were unsuccessful, we decided to try something new. We decided that, since many, many rest days didn’t help him at all, perhaps switching to sandstone would help. So we decided to head to … Continue reading

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Buttermilks, Pollen Grains, and Happies

We’ve continued to have an amazing time here in Bishop. Friends, Kevin and Liesel, have been here for nearly 10 days – and though they have to leave soon, it’s been great having them here. Too much laughing and too many silly food ideas. The days have been generally warm, and the nights cold. As … Continue reading

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More Training + Surströmming (Fermented Baltic Herring)

Above circulates a random collection of images from the last few days here in Sweden. They have included some rain and sun, training, bus riding, and the most memorable: eating the legendary Surströmming for the first time. This ultra-bizarre dish hails from northern Sweden in the 16th Century. The tale goes that Swedish fisherman en … Continue reading